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IN BETWEEN, is an audio-visual installation of still photographs and field recordings.

These is a part of Ronald Patrick‘s (CL) long-term artistic-documentary project on nomadism in Ladakh (India) and Ticino (Switzerland). The sound installation serves as a bridge connecting the space, both between the photographs and these two distant places. A C-type print edition and a lathe-cut vinyl were released on the occasion. 

IN BETWEEN-SET C-Print, Edition of: 5, each 720 EUR incl. VAT
Limited edition with transparent 12’’ lathe cut vinyl release,

Printed poem on 280 g/m2 paper in gatefold cover.

PHOTO OVER CANVAS unique piece

Photograph over canvas, translucent adhesives, and pigments

200 x 150 cm, signed and numbered on the side, unframed 7.400 EUR incl. VAT

Artist: Ronald Patrick (CL) www.ronaldpatrick.con

artistic collaboration with Anne-Louise Frei, DE |sound collage Daria Redkina, UA | poetry Gaia Lutz, BR | realization by F  


SONANTA LUMO (sounding light in Esperanto)

unfolds as an immersive sound and light installation where the sensory boundaries blur.

Primary colours are mapped with math- ematical precision to distinctive musical tones: Red (G), Green (C), Blue (D#),
and White light is mapped to white noise. These mappings interact with each other to compose a dynamic grading of hues and tonal textures. As the frequencies delicately rise and fall, they conjure a cross-modal illusion that suspends time and stretches into infinity, inviting the visitor to explore how the subtle interplay between light and sound shapes our perception of

the world around us.


ACCOMPANYING ART OBJECT, Edition of: 3, each 110 EUR incl. VAT

made of plexiglas with holographic foil, transparent 10” lathe-cut vinyl record.

Artist: Alejandro Mosso (AR)

artistic collaboration with Anne-Louise Frei (DE) | realization by F  

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