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OPEN CALL | 8ight // for 8 audiovisual exhibitions

submission deadlines always one month before the exhibition + exhibition dates 2024

#1 acoustic source

submission deadlines: 18.03.
exhibition dates: 18.-20.04.2024, 20.04. live performance

#2 acoustic sources
submission deadlines: 16.04.
exhibition dates: 16.-18.05.2024, 18.05. live performance

#3 acoustic sources
submission deadlines: 13.05.
exhibition dates: 13.-15.06.2024, 15.06. live performance

#4 acoustic sources
submission deadlines: 11.06.
exhibition dates: 11.-13.07.2024, 13.07. live performance

#5 acoustic sources
submission deadlines: 05.08.
exhibition dates: 05.-07.09.2024, 07.09. live performance

#6 acoustic sources
submission deadlines: 26.08.
exhibition dates: 26.-28.09.2024, 28.09. live performance

#7 acoustic sources
submission deadlines: 10.09.
exhibition dates: 10.-12.10.2024, 12.10. live performance

#8 acoustic sources
submission deadlines: 07.10.
exhibition dates: 07.-09.11.2024, 09.11. live performance

Note: please specify the number of speakers your concept is fitting for. is calling for proposals for its upcoming exhibition series 8ight, which will feature sound art and audiovisual art installations, performances and artistic research.

This series runs from April to November 2024, with eight sequential presentations, each characterised by the number of speakers: from one in the first exhibition to eight in the last. The symbolic meaning of the number 8 for time, connection and renewal is reflected in this gradual increase.

This project explores the potential of systems in audiovisual experiments using visualisation and music.
The artists are invited to integrate the number 8 into their works.
We are also interested in the visual documentation of work in progress.
Notes, graphic elements, diagrams, scores which can be presented as part of the exhibition.

The 8ight encourages an understanding of conceptual approaches and unconventional media, exploring the tension between programmable material and its potential for failure or success as a creative approach.

Promoting the use of technology, traditional colour schemes, useless media, and audiovisual amplification of phenomena the series comprises of eight exhibitions and eight live performances, showcasing works by artists from diverse backgrounds and generations.

In addition to the artistic works, 8ight features a curatorial program that includes documentation of all eight exhibitions and live performances.

the artist fee will be determined by the number of tickets sold for each show.
At the end of the series, a printed art object, as limited edition of 8, summarising all the works will be published on our label F. for previous publications check here >>  
Half of the sales profits will go to the artists. Profit is calculated by subtracting material costs from the sales price.

submission guidelines
- project description pdf format (maximum 3 MB)
- portfolio/CV as pdf format (maximum 3 MB)
- work samples as mp3 or wav (maximum 1 MB)
as WeTransfer or via E-Mail to:

exhibition dates 2024
1 acoustic source: 18.-20. April | 20.04. live performance
2 acoustic sources: 16.-18.
May | 18.05. live performance
3 acoustic sources: 13.-15.
June | 15.06. live performance
4 acoustic sources: 11.-13.
July | 13.07. live performance
5 acoustic sources: 05.-07.
August | 07.09. live performance
6 acoustic sources: 26.-28.
September | 28.09. live performance
7 acoustic sources: 10.-12.
October | 12.10. live performance
8 acoustic sources: 07.-09.
November | 09.11. live performance

about is an art space for audiovisual art. In collaboration with international artists from Berlin, we explore formats that connect sound and visual art: The art space as a space for listening, public experiences, readings and lingering. In addition to the presentation of the works, the focus is also on the creation of publications and editions. The cooperation with other artists opens up new perspectives and synergetic formats in sound art, sound and visual art. Working on collaborative projects at the interface of sound, image and space leads to a rich and inspiring artistic experience and experientiality.

room size approximately 3.70 x 5.50 m


team the 8ight is developed, curated and organized by:

Anne-Louise Frei (DE) and Daria Redkina (UA)



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