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8ight, #2 of 8 exhibition series

16.-18. 05.2024
by Cem Çakmak (TR)
Site Specific Installation is showing the exhibition series 8ight, which will feature sound art and audiovisual art installations, performances and artistic research. This series runs from April to November 2024, with eight sequential presentations, each characterised by the number of acoustic sources/speakers: from one in the first exhibition to eight in the last.

#2 acoustic sources of 8ight – on view

16.05.,Thursday, 16-20h

17.05., Friday, 16-20h

18.05., Saturday, 15-19:30h

18.05.2024 start 20h - space is limited!


// Cem Çakmak (TR)

// Pedro Almiro (PT)

BEATING VARIATIONS, 60-80Hz by Cem Çakmak (TR) Site specific installation with two modified floorboards. Bass freuqencies modulate in tone and intensity to shake the ground below in evolving and pulsating patterns that fill the gallery space above. Beating is an acoustic phenomenon where two sources with close frequencies create a third, emergent wave of silence in the frequency of their difference. Throughout three days of exhibition in a minimal setting, becomes a place of sonic meditation and experimentation where low frequency interplay create ever-changing acoustic textures rising from beneath.

Saturday 20.04 will feature the performances of Cem Çakmak (TR) and Pedro Almiro (PT).

  about the artist 

Cem Çakmak (TK)


Sound Artist, Performer, Multimedia Designer and Researcher from Istanbul, based in Berlin since 2020.

As an electronic musician, Cem performed in institutional and independent events such as Multiversal, A.I.D, or SOTU, Contemporary Istanbul, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival or International Computer Music Conference. His works have been exhibited internationally such as EMPAC, Arter Gallery or Borusan Music House. Cem’s main inspiration come from historic and contemporary spatial music practices such as Quadraphonics, Ambisonics, Acousmonium or Polytopes. He comes from an engineering background and has a Masters degree in Sonic Arts and a PhD in Electronic Arts.

Pedro Almiro (PT)

Pedro Almiro is a percussionist who focuses on synergies generated by the interaction of acoustic and electronic devices. He explores the worlds prompted by playfulness, resonance and feedback, where the perception of what is (present) and what was overlap.
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