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8ight, #1 of 8 exhibition series

TEARS OF ICE by Ani Samperi (US)
Sound Sculpture is showing the exhibition series 8ight, which will feature sound art and audiovisual art installations, performances and artistic research. This series runs from April to November 2024, with eight sequential presentations, each characterised by the number of acoustic sources/speakers: from one in the first exhibition to eight in the last.

– on view

18.04.,Thursday, 16-20h

19.04., Friday, 16-20h

20.04., Saturday, 14-20h

20.04.2024 start 20h - space is limited!



// Mark Ballyk (CA)

TEARS OF ICE by Ani Samperi (US) is a one-of-a-kind sound sculpture made from recycled resonating materials. Using the movement of water to revitalize these materials, the sculpture houses a large block of ice that drips from deep inside of an inverted oil barrel onto a silver platter, creating echoing sounds that resemble a cavern. The sculpture amplifies and distorts these sounds in an infinite feedback loop, where industrial materials trick the senses into an immersive experience in the natural world far away from urban civilization.

Saturday 20.04 will feature the individual performances of Kayla Elrod (US) and Mark Ballyk (CA). These performances compliment the piece in their use of metallic membranes — a gong and improvised percussion, respectively — engaging the listener along the threshold between hypnotic sustain and poetic disruption.

  about the artist 

Ani Samperi (US)

Ani Samperi is a multimedia artist whose practice transgresses the boundaries between sound installation, sculpture, experimental film, and performance art. Her sculptural practice has made use of various resonating materials, repurposed materials, light and shadow, feedback systems and field recordings reimagined as voices. In the last 5 years, this work has evolved into increasingly larger and more confrontational works, using concepts inspired by ecoacoustics and esoteric discourse to address questions of human agency, intimacy, and the existential value of extreme sensory experience.


Living on a tight budget naturally leads to reflections on value. This is a central theme in my practice: an ongoing exploration into the worth of objects, occupations, and bodies - considering both their arbitrary distinctions and their real-world significance. I stretch the possibilities of things beyond their intended function: hacking readymades into musical instruments, performing actions beyond fatigue, and creating mosaics through the transformative act of stomping and crushing. Through durational performance, gong, site-specificity, poetics, tactile engagement, erotics, noise and attentive listening, I address the exploitation pervasive in the art world as viewed through a distinctly feminist lens.

Mark Ballyk (CA)

Mark Ballyk is a musician and experimental artist. his work revolves around creating unique aesthetic experiences that interrogate and create relations between natural, urban and virtual environments. he is known for his emphasis on artistic risk-taking and unconventional performance strategies.
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