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2023-12 -solo


by Mauricio Nader (CL)


Start at 20h - space is limited! Recommended donation-ticket between 10 and 20 Euros.

Mauricio Nader gives an innovative solo performance with his instrument, the electric bass. It consists of his own compositions and improvisations as well as some pieces from his home country. This is a completely new approach to the instrument, combining a powerful and a delicate performance at the same time, it is an exquisite sound for a wide audience.

  about the artist 

Mauricio Nader (CL)

Mauricio Nader is a composer, bassist and music producer from Santiago de Chile who lives in Berlin. As a solo artist and member of various bands, he has recorded more than 20 albums and live DVDs. He has toured extensively in Chile and Europe with an average of 120 performances per year, played with symphony orchestras and was a finalist and winner of the "Pulsar Chilean Music Awards" (a kind of Chilean Grammy) in the "Instrumentalist of the Year" category. As an artist, he represents important brands of musical instruments and accessories worldwide, such as Ibanez, Markbass and Elixir Strings. He has developed a unique concept for the electric bass, in which he leaves the usual supporting role to play solo pieces in an elegant and emotional way.
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