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15.11. // 3-hour live performance
Access All Areas

A moment's sanctuary where contemporary music, frequencies and sounds create a warmly welcoming oasis in an increasingly alienated world.

„A Sonic Ritual“ is an interactive performance, in which will be turned into an open, restorative space. You may join at any time between 19:00h - 22:00h and stay as long as you like. Due to limited capacity we recommend a participation time between 30-60 minutes, allowing for others to also enjoy the space. There may be some waiting time during the peak hour, in which we will be offering tea in the kitchen.

The number of participants is limited, therefore we ask for a binding reservation:

Recommended donation between 10 and 20 Euros.

AAA will be donating all profits to „Doctors Without Boarders“

  about the artist 

AAA (Access All Areas) is a small collective that works at the intersection of music, art, therapy and spiritual practices. The project was born in 2022 from a desire to connect those fields with a cutting-edge approach, playing freely on their shared ground.

AAA experiments with contemporary music, frequencies and ancient sounds to create a mesmeric sonic momentum and also uses them as therapeutic tools to enhance self-awareness. They include ritual, performance, holistic practices and creative therapy techniques to deepen the experiences.




Vera is an artist, that has spent more than two decades creating musical journeys as a globally touring DJ and dance music composer.

For a few years, she has been studying art, music and sound therapy, and brought AAA to life.

Jorhito is known for his subtle and distinct way of playing the gong.

He’s a yoga teacher and continuous student of both sound and yoga, and offers regular classes in Berlin. //

Nigâr is a classical pianist and a sound therapist specializing in tuning forks.

She founded her own therapy practice and also works part-time in psychiatric rehabilitation in Berlin. //
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