top of page  //audiovisuell //kunstraum //fotografie //soundart ist ein spartenübergreifender Kunstraum, für kollaborative künstlerische Praxis, mit Schwerpunkt auf audiovisuelle Kunst. Dazu gehören abstrakte kinetische Kunst, zeitgenössische Musik, Performances, Klangskulpturen und -objekte. Er zeichnet sich durch die Zusammenarbeit mit den Künstler*innen aus, bei der neben der Präsentation der künstlerischen Werke die Erstellung von Publikationen und Editionen im Vordergrund stehen.

Raum zum Zuhören; Raum für öffentliche Erfahrungen; Raum für Lesungen; Raum zum Verweilen; is a cross-disciplinary art space, for collaborative artistic practice, with a focus on audiovisual art. This includes abstract kinetic art, contemporary music, performances, sound sculptures and objects. It is distinguished by its collaboration with the artists, which, in addition to the presentation of the artistic works, focuses on the creation of publications and editions.

Space for listening; Space for public experience; Space for readings; Space for lingering;


Anne-Lousie Frei, DE
/// Artistic Director, Curator

Anne-Louise Frei has been working for over 20 years at the interface between sound art, photography and video art installations with international exhibitions of a wide variety of projects and artists.

Her youth in Karlsruhe was marked by free jazz, contemporary art and design. After graduating from high school, she went to North Rhine-Westphalia to train in classical photography, which she later combined with multimedia art, with sound forming the tapestry of her work. "I can hear good pictures" was the basis of her practice. Anne-Louise Frei created audiovisual works such as "Move& Noise" with Barbara Kaufmann for the Pina Bausch Tanzfestival Wuppertal, "THE move" with Luisa Sancho, ES, Geraldo Si, BR and Theodor Pauss, DE, exhibitions and screenings at MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre, Helsinki, among others, or other works in collaboration with sound artists such as Mario de Vega, MX, Marko Timlin, FI or cellist Alice Dixon, UK.

In 2021, she opened as a space for audiovisual art, where other artists from Berlin and around the world collaborate and present their work. In her role as artistic director and curator, Anne-Louise produces exhibitions with different concepts in which sound and visual art are closely linked.

Daria Redkina, UA

/// Composer,  Sound Artist, Curatoe

Daria Redkina is a sound artist, composer and performer working with research in acoustics , performance based and immersive sonic art. 

She was born in Kiev into a family of artists and architects. After primary school education in Kiev and then Moscow, she completed her studies in England, graduating from London Metropolitan University where she acquired a BA in Sound and Film. She is currently doing a Masters in Sound Studies at UdK, Berlin.

She began as a producer of music events at company Interactive Media in Moscow (2004), later continued as a label manager of Arma Records , which led her to eventually start her own music imprint Zov - recording , mixing and mastering music of her own and of collaborations with other artists. She has travelled the world extensively , performing on stage as well as recording and researching in the field of sound and its cultural narratives.  //audiovisuell //kunstraum //fotografie //soundart

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