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8ight // for 8 audiovisual exhibitions

This series runs from April to November 2024, with eight sequential presentations, each characterised by the number of acoustic sources/speakers: from one in the first exhibition to eight in the last. The symbolic meaning of the number 8 for time, connection and renewal is reflected in this gradual increase. At the end of the 8 exhibitions, a printed art object, in a limited edition of 8, will be published on our label F with a summary of all the works.

exhibition dates 2024

1 acoustic source: 18.-20. April | 20.04. live performance // TEARS OF ICE by Ani Samperi (US), sound sculpture
LIVE PERFORMANCE, Saturday, Start 20h // KAYLA ELROD​ (US) // Mark Ballyk (CA)


We are looking forward to #2 of 8 in our exhibition series 8ight:
2 acoustic sources: 16.-18. May | 18.05. live performance

by Cem Çakmak (TR)
Site Specific Installation

3 acoustic sources: 13.-15. June | 15.06. live performance
4 acoustic sources: 11.-13. July | 13.07. live performance
5 acoustic sources: 05.-07. August | 07.09. live performance
6 acoustic sources: 26.-28. September | 28.09. live performance
7 acoustic sources: 10.-12. October | 12.10. live performance
8 acoustic sources: 07.-09. November | 09.11. live performance is calling for proposals for its upcoming exhibition series, the open call is still possible for 3-8 acoustic sources. please check here
the 8ight is developed, curated and organized by: Anne-Louise Frei (DE) and Daria Redkina (UA)



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